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İşbu privacy and personal data protection policy, as the company we are responsible for our website content provider for addressable and data on this site that which is obtained by using different ways in the ways of personal information collected, used, and whom to share can be done with the users/members in which the rights information may be used at the same time for what it has and that is intended to inform you about cookies.

According to İşbu Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy, users who visit our site, members, comments, sending information, people and organizations that send content such as videos, images (users/members) are considered to have accepted all the terms contained in the agreement.

Updates and changes that the company will make İşbu Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy are considered effective from the moment it is active on our site. Therefore, we recommend that this privacy and Personal Data Protection policy be reviewed by the user/member before visiting our site and that the changes and corrections made by the user/Member be taken into account.


1.1. A user / member does not need to share their personal information to visit and view our website. However, if users wish to participate in any of the services offered by our site, they may request personal information and demographic data on various issues.

1.2. İşbu Privacy and personal data protection policy the personal data that is used in the user/member’s social media accounts in case of connecting with, by way of the account mentioned; first and last name, email address, telephone number, date of birth, age, sex and shared information to allow it to be about the information given, including but not limited on the condition that the user/Member directly and indirectly refers to the data for recognition.

1.3. Personal data shared by members with the company will be processed for the specified purposes and in no case will it be used outside the intended purpose. Personal data by the company to provide a better service to the members and provide efficient customer service to respond to their questions on the subject, when the person needs to send and receive transmissions to get in touch with by e-mail send the newsletter, or notice to, resulting in the improvement of services provided and the user/Member on behalf of the retrospective information in a situation where you need to create the account again to reach members identify their areas of interest, and using data collected to develop the business, to communicate, develop and carry out operational activities such as marketing, It can be processed for purposes such as providing easier access to the site by the user/member’s existing social network accounts, fulfilling our obligations arising from the law and other legislation, conducting statistical studies and Sunday Research, creating a database.

1.4. Personal data belonging to the user/member may be shared by authorized units in accordance with the legislation in order to fulfill our obligations to security and laws. This information is traffic information and Internet Protocol address.

1.5. Personal data belonging to the user/member by our company or natural or legal persons processing data on behalf of it is automatic or non-automatic written, oral, etc. it will be collected by vehicles and stored in electronic environments. A few of these collected data are contact forms, consumer complaint forms, social networks, websites, various contracts, etc. references

1.6. The user/member is responsible for the reliability of the information provided by the user/member. If incomplete, incorrect information is provided, the company will not be responsible for anything, and therefore the obligation to compensate for the damage caused will be entirely owned by the user/member.


For the above mentioned purposes, the user/member personal data in accordance with the regulations of the company’s direct and/or indirect as a shareholder and related companies can be shared with all partners, is not limited to the above, the aim of the service we offer with the condition with the authorities stipulated by the relevant legislation or regulatory supervisory authorities and the extension of official domestic and /or overseas may be transferred. It accepts and declares that it consents to the transfer of personal data belonging to the user/member in accordance with the expressed information.


3.1. User / Member in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data and other legislation in force;

a.) Learning whether personal information/data is being used,

b.) Request information about the User / Member’s personal data if it has been processed,

c.) Learning whether personal data belonging to the user is used in a way that fits the purpose of processing and their purpose,

1.d) Knowledge of third parties in the country and abroad where personal data is transferred,

e.) In case of incorrect or incomplete processing of personal data belonging to the user/member, request that they be corrected and that the transaction made within this framework be notified to the third parties to which the data was transferred

f.) Processed in accordance with the provisions of the personal data protection law and other relevant laws, although in the case of the disappearance of the reasons that require the processing of personal data erased, destroyed, or require that they be made anonymous, and in this context, the process request to be notified of the personal data transferred to third parties

  1. g) Objecting to the occurrence of a result against the person himself through analysis committed through limited automated systems
  2. .h) Has the right to request the removal of the damages in case of damage due to illegal processing of personal data.

The User/Member has these rights;

A petition bearing wet’s signature, the company it may use it in accordance with this method by sending it to its address by registered mail with a return or if a separate method is announced by the Personal Data Protection Board.

If the application is to be submitted by the representative, then the authority of representation must be documented, the identity and address information of the applicant user/member must be included and the documents confirming the identity of the user/member must be added to the application.

3.3 If the application is to be submitted by the representative, then the authority of representation must be documented, the identity and address information of the applicant user/member must be included and the documents confirming the identity of the user/member must be added to the application.


4.1 Social media keys are used by the user/member to share and Mark internet pages on our website. Add-ons do not become effective unless these keys are activated by users/members. By making the connection with the relevant social media applications effective, if the user/member is logged in, this visit can be associated with the user/member’s account by the relevant social media sites and the user/member’s information can be saved by these social media sites. In order to prevent a connection between the account that the user/member has on the social media sites and his visit to our website, the user / member must log out of the relevant social media accounts before accessing our website.

4.2 Social media sites and other third-party sites that are not covered by the privacy and İşbu Personal Data Protection Policy are beyond our control. We are not responsible for the activities of other websites that are not our responsibility, their level of compliance with their privacy policies. For this reason, the user/member should examine the terms of use and privacy policies of the relevant sites to find out how these websites collect and use information about users/members, how this can be blocked or deleted.


5.1 On our website, we use cookies to facilitate and customize the use of our site. Cookies are small text files placed by the user / member’s browser on their computer’s hard drive. Each time the user/member visits our website, the user/member’s Internet browser sends cookies to our website so that our website recognizes the user/member and remembers information such as user/member preferences. The cookies we use do not store personal data, so they are anonymous.

5.2 The User / Member may set the Internet browser to alert itself without accepting cookies or simply reject all cookies, but it may not be possible to access all features of our website if cookies are not accepted. The User / Member will be able to make the necessary changes by clicking on the “help” button of the Internet browser to learn how to make these settings. Unless the user / member changes the cookie settings, the user / member is deemed to have given explicit consent to the use of Cookies in accordance with this privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy.


6.1 Collection, storage, processing, use and use of all kinds of electronic communications for special promotion, promotion, advertising, sales, marketing, surveys and similar purposes in order to provide and present personal data to users/members with various benefits and to send all kinds of communication messages; 3. it will be considered that it allows transfer to persons at home and abroad.

6.2 If the user/member does not want the company to send him a newsletter, announcement, commercial message or other notice and / or message, he must not specify a request for these notices and services provided when registering on the site. However, if the user has allowed this while becoming a member and/or has become a member of Cryptobulls, then he will be deemed to have consented to any electronic communication with him and other communication messages to be sent to his side.

6.3 Emails sent to a user/member who is a member of cryptobulls offer the option not to receive future notifications. However, if the user/member wants to remove his / her consent to sending a newsletter, he / she will be able to change his / her preferences in this regard according to the instructions specified in the email sent to him / her.


İşbu Privacy and Personal data Protection Policy interpretation, implementation and the user/member disputes that may arise between the company and the Turkish law is to be applied, and that privacy and personal data protection policy from the resolution of any dispute that may arise in the center of Istanbul (Caglayan) courts and judicial offices.


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