About Us

About Us

Cryptobulls is a cryptocurrency news/information site born in 2020 to close the gap caused by the increasing importance of cryptocurrencies and investors turning to cryptocurrency news. Cryptocurrency news on this site is specially created so that investors can keep up to date with crypto news. The market is scanned 24/7 by analysts who specialize in cryptocurrency and important developments are compiled for you and included in the cryptocurrency news category.

Another issue that may interest investors is altcoin comments. Altcoins are currently attracting a lot of interest and cryptocurrencies whose value can increase a lot along with Bitcoin. Our expert team examines, evaluates, and presents all developments in the altcoin market for you.

Our Vision

Our vision as CryptoBulls is to inform investors by maintaining our full dominance of the cryptocurrency market in order to see the fluctuations that may occur in the future, which are newsworthy to the investors who follow us. It is our top priority to present you 24/7 by compiling all the events that affect the market, from economic news to the smallest development.

Our Mission

Since the day CryptoBulls opened, it aims to instantly convey current fluctuations, developments, and events to everyone from investors who have never known the cryptocurrency market to the most experienced investors. In order to inform investors in Turkey, it is our priority to follow the world market and present current news and analysis. At the same time, it is our mission to investigate altcoins that have never been known to you, to provide information about cryptocurrencies that you do not know about.

In this context, you can follow our youtube videos, educational articles, and current crypto news using our site. Everything you’re interested in about cryptocurrency is in CryptoBulls!